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I released some CD's, some "home made" CD recordables and a real CD.

Please feel free to comment. On the Bandcamp account you can also download the music. Scroll down to see all my productions.

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Under the name "Skoula" with the title "Live" I made my first CD recordable. Recorded from 1997 - 2001 with a compact cassette tape recorder and with the help (sometimes) of Cakewalk (midifiles) installed on a 386 computer.

The second one named "Voyager" under the name "Skoulariki" recorded digital from 2004 - 2006 with Ableton Live Delta on a 1200 mhz labtop computer. Most of the recordings are done in one track and with the use of the arpeggiator from the Kurzweil Midiboard.


After several questions about the CDr "Voyager" I decided to made this production available for downloading. Not all the tracks, I made a selection and put some new (old) to it, to complete a second "Voyager" under my artist name Skoulaman.  Just visit my Bandcamp account.

S   K   O   U   L   A   M   A   N 


1 - Shelter

2 - Northern lights

3 - Voyager

4 - Sequense

5 - Waves

6 - Children of Syria

7 - Good old Lambda

8 - Autumnal equinoxe

9 - Untoucheble

My third CDr  named "Skoulaman synthesizer mood". Its a compilation of some Youtube videos (but in higher audio quality). It contains 11 tracks and was recorded from 2007 to 2012.

Here I used sometimes a hardware sequencer and there was the introduction of the Moog sound. Finally the name "Skoulaman" became my definitif artist name. For a review go to:



1 - Beyond imagination

2 - Between heaven and earth

3 - So father so son

4 - Arpeggiating the music

5 - Let the Moog bass run

6 - Smooth melancholic

7 - Driving along the mountains 

8 - Addicted to the ritme

9 - Why are the roads so empty

10 Shimmering JUNO meets screeming Lambda

11 Endless time


My fourth (second skoulaman)  is named "Dreaming of the future and reflecting the past. This album has again Berlin-School tracks but also some, more down tempo tracks. Its a reflectioning of the past 2 years of finding my direction in em-music. For a independent reviews of this CDr go to:


1 - Dreaming of the future reflecting the past

2 - Without boundaries

3 - Sardegna coasts

4 - Islands in the ocean

5 - Arabian arp

6 - Orbital moves

7 - Voices of a analog

8 - Sardegna roads

9 - Far away worlds


My third Skoulaman CDr under the name of skoulaman, its a live registration of my performance at Awakaning-em in Burton upon Trent, UK, in 2015. My son played the e-guitar on track 2 and 4.


1 - Andros

2 - Between pulsating machines

3 - Chinese lakes

4 - Horizons

And  two reviews by:


My first real CD, no CDr, under the Dutch Groove label.

My son plays E-guitar on track 1 and 5, a very welcome addition.

You can order this one at


1 - Coloured Glass

2 - Foreign Woods

3 - E.C.2

4 - Rumble

5 - Ocean and Air guitar

6 - Coloured Glass Alternaarr

For some reviews go to the cd-shop at the Groove website and


My second real CD under the Dutch Groove label.

Its a live registration of my concert in the USA. Additional E-guitar played by Harrison McKay*.

You can order this one at

  1. Block 1 – Baku Memories 
  2. Block 2 – Rumble 
  3. Block 3 – Oceans and air guitar * 
  4. Block 4 – Chinese sea 
  5. Block 5 – Fluxes in Philadelphia 
  6. Block 6 – EC2 
  7. Block 7 – Coloured Glass * 

For a review go to : Starsend Radio


A new download available with a combination of some Youtube tracks (remastered) and some new tracks. On E-guitar track 4 again my son Rik.

You can download it at:

And limited available as a CDr at

  1. – Deepminds 
  2. – Shades  of Oceanblue
  3. – Four is more chill out 
  4. – Mytilini intermission
  5. – Four is more  
  6. – Polymood 
  7. –  Unpaved roads

For a review go to


After the succesfull Byssed concert (still available at my FB page, see also header of this website, I decided to bring it out on the Groove label. Its almost the full streamed concert registration and an extra studio track. There was no extra recording to the streamed part, its only masterd for the production.

You can order this CD at:

It will be also available at groove on bandcamp as a download

  1. – Intro 
  2. – Illusion
  3. – Fata Morgana 
  4. – Polymodish
  5. – Byssed  
  6. –  Sheltered by a flash of rays


A new studio production, just one track is recorded at my Raumzeit II performance. All other tracks are composed around my Modular system. Its truly inspiring.

You can order this CD at:

It will be also available at groove on bandcamp as a download

  1. If I could speak to my father again 
  2. Polymodular 
  3. Zyma - (winter) 
  4. Temnyy - (dark) 
  5. Vesna – (spring) 
  6. Svetly – (light) 
  7. Mundus in Motu


A collaboration with Ron Boots on a very hot day at the Electronic Circus in Germany, they asked if we could bring it out, so we did! You can order this CD at:

It will be also available at groove on bandcamp as a download

  1. Unexpected Two 
  2. Exit A33 
  3. Hot detuned 
  4. Dry Fields 
  5. In the Barn 

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