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This is a brief discription of the effects I use. Without these effects the music is not finished for me, I know a lot of people dislike effects but for me it is no discussion. There is a lot of choice which kind of effects and type's (analog/digital). I use both worlds and like to combinate analog with digital. 

ELECTRIX MO-fx digital effectunit

(Waldorf Micro Q)

ALESIS MICROVERB III digital effectunit

IBANEZ UE400 multi effect unit (analog) 

next from top to bottom (in an old setup)

LEXICON MPX 100  digital processor

IBANEZ DM 1000  digital echo (sold)

YAMAHA E 1010 and E 1005 analog (BBD) echo's

On top  a SAMSON headfhone amplifier,

a digital ALESIS NANOVERB, a M-audio USB audioprocessor

and  a KURZWEIL micropiano soundmodule

I sold the SD rack  


In the center FOSTEX 3180 analog spring reverb (six springs)

good for old vintage reverbs, I sold it in 2016

Electrix Mo-Fx,

Interesting piece for time modulation, stereo effects such as panning delay and flanging but more knobs for life playing with time based effects.

Another additions were: a YAMAHA rev 100 and a ALESIS Microverb 4, here in top of a rack together with the Samson line mixer and the Kawai K1R and the Roland U110.