This is a brief discription of the effects I use. Without these effects the music is not finished for me. I know a people who dislike to much effects but for me it is no discussion. There is a lot of choice which kind of effects and type's (analog/digital).

I use both worlds and like to combinate analog with digital. 

Fostex patchbay

Aleisis Nanoverb  and  Kurzweil MP

My second Yamaha REV 100

Roland JV880 synthesizer

Yamaha E1005 analog delay, the first delay I bought in 1980

Yamaha E1010

Waldorf micro Q synthesizer

Lexicon MPX 100

ELECTRIX MO-fx digital effectunit

MX-8  midi patchbay , sold

Korg 03r/w synthesizer

Korg KMX -122 mixer

Alesis Microverb 4

Yamaha REV 100

Samson PL 1602 mixer

Kawai K1r synthesizer

Roland U110 pcm module

I use also some guitar stompboxes,  a GLX CE-100 for phatten up the reverb and a NUX Time Core delay. 

 Another stompbox is a NUX Roctary for creating a leslie effect on the KORG Lambda. The FilterQueen is sold. I also still have the Ibanez UE 400, an analog old skool multi effect from 1980. Actually it was one off my first effects. 

My latest additions was a TC-Electronic Hall of fame 1 in combination with an TC-electronic Corona (flanger), a  Alesis Nanoverb as decent reverb and a Meris Polymoon (which I use instead of the NUX Time core). About the Polymoon, I have a lot of echo's but this one is incredeble, especially when you put a expression pedal to it. Amazing what happens then!!!

Later I bought a GLX GPB-05 pedalboard and moved some effects to that and rearranged these with some new effects like the a GLX Superchorus and a Byang Phase(r). Later I sold the TC-electronic HOF and instead of that I bought a  Mooer Ocean, a Dreadbox Darkness and a NUX Atlantic.