This is a brief discription of the "studio"

First some pictures overall  of an older setup.

The table (an old door) with the heavy Kurzweil Midiboard , placed on it the Yamaha DX27 and the Korg Lambda. On top of the Lambda,  the Ibanez UE400 analog multieffect and the  Waldorf Micro Q . The Alesis microverb III (digital processor) came between them. The Roland JUNO 106  is mounted  to the wall.

This was the "Tower"

Labtop 1.2 mHz  with Ableton Live Delta

M-audio soundcard

Alesis nanoverb + Kurzweil micropiano

SD systems 4 channel (strip) mixer (analog), sold

Kawai K1r synthesizer

Lexicon mpx100 digital processor

Ibanez DM1000 digital delay, sold

Yamaha E1005 analog delay  (BDD devices)

Yamaha E1010 analog  delay (BDD devices)

Fotex (spring) reverb 3180, sold

Ibanez RM 60 mixer (analog)

The Moogerfooger CP 251  control processor

and the Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer (it means analog control)

A picture overall  of my next setup.

I canged the SD-systems in the "Tower"  for a Soundcraft Spirit Rac Pac, I needed more channels.

I moved the DX27 and put the Korg DS8 in place.

And the other side with the the CV controlled equipment, DX27, Roland D2 and the MG1

But later I had to change again the setup because I had some perfomances and wanted to make it somemore moveable. I bought some transport flightcases and moved some equipment in there.

In the flight cases I put a MX-8 Midi patchbay and A SAMSON sub mixer and a extra ALESIS Microverb 4, now its more suitable for a gig

And the analog side is extended with the VERMONA Performer MKii, a Deepmind 6 and between them a Roland D2 (sold)

Last most recent picture, after selling the D2, Midiboard  I rearranged the studio again and make it more accesable. Still I own the DX27, but its hidden under the table...

The analog side changed also, Moog LP is replaced by the Moog Matriarch, close to the Dreadbox Hades, NYX, Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer and a Moogerfooger CP251.

Now all my Moogs are lined up. A lot off instruments are MIDI connected and ofcourse there are now  CV voltage connected intruments. The Deepmind is placed at the left side of the Performer.